Posted by: neilhopwood | June 21, 2010

Where are England

I mean I know its traditional for the English to build their team up and then knock them down at the slightest hiccup but isn’t this their worst appearance since the days of Grahame

Posted by: neilhopwood | June 8, 2010

Vuvuzela moment

As much as I cannot stand the idea of watching a game with 50,000 of these things, I have come to love them as an icon of the Beautiful Game here in South Africa for the World Cup.
Join us tomorrow at 12:00 to blow the buggery out of yours


And here at Vodacom in Bellville

Posted by: neilhopwood | June 8, 2010

So you want to know why I am an ex-sailor?

Just go down to the Royal Cape Yachting club on a Wednesday night after “race” evening and you will quickly find out why I had to disassociate myself from this particular species of homo-sapiens.

I mean I love being on a sailing boat, out in the open ocean with nothing between you and certain death but your wits. But once you touch land all the freaks come out and first want to lick and praise you, then goto the yacht club and tell all their “friends” how much of a dickhead you are and shouldn’t be on a boat. These are the people who sail on Wednesday evening typically and then go home and beat their spouse. Those of you from the Royal Cape reading this know who you are!

Posted by: neilhopwood | June 8, 2010

People I have to work with. I mean come-on!


People I have to work with...

This is one of the many “professional” IT types that I spend most of my hours wasting away next to in the office.

Posted by: neilhopwood | June 7, 2010

South African Public 10 – FIFA 0

What is it with FIFA? They used to be a respectable organisation who really did promote football for all. Now they just want to make a quick buck and screw everyone else. What happened this morning with the ticketing and no word of explanation or apology from them is just too much.

Posted by: neilhopwood | June 2, 2010

Beyond bizarre.

I ordered 2lbs of sausage in case you are curious, because as we know curiosity killed that cat (and dog in this case)

I did try dog a few years ago in Korea and it wasn’t half bad. Slightly beefy in flavor and similar in texture.

Posted by: neilhopwood | June 1, 2010

In case you were curious as to who I will be supporting

The Flag of St. George

Please feel free to use this as much as you need!

Not content with all the various static World Cup charts out there and my own building frustration shown by the scraps of paper all around my desk. (Team A vs team B, or game 33 vs winner 4(8) – yes thats you FIFA). I decided to write my own little Excel spreadsheet so I can look at the various permutation and see if my semi-final ticket might be the right one to see England win at Cape Town stadium.

This is instead of seeing England in the semi  in Durban which would be a problem ‘cause I haven’t got that ticket*.

Not being a VB wizard I just created it plain and simple so no criticism for lack of creativity please and besides – I am in the office so cannot spend hours on it! But if you can improve it, and I am sure many of you can – no virus please – then feel free to do so and send it back to me here.

*Obviously England are going to be in the semi, I know this because my spreadsheet told me so!

  • Note: Being new to WordPress I see now that I cannot upload an Excel spreadsheet so if you want a copy drip me a line here and I will mail it to you.
Posted by: neilhopwood | May 31, 2010

LOL bored people in small offices

Having read a very informative article on male and female vivisection by @dorothyblack this morning (incidentaly labeled Not Suitable for Work!) and subsequently shared it will my colleagues it started a lively discussion on these practices, this quickly fell into an overly loud chat comparing peoples experiences of having “The Snip”

I am quite attached to my testicles and such talk of “cutting open” and needles – well I don’t need to go on – so I shut my ears and left them to their own devices.

One the chaps I work with is a loud crass ‘Merican who obviously had the worst story to tell. Such was the horror of his story that a manager had to be called in to shut him up and remind him that there are women in the office.

  • Does this count as sexual harassment, because the manager seemed to think so?
  • Are women so offended about discussions of an operation of a male nature?

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