Posted by: neilhopwood | June 15, 2011

10 Good things about Cape Town Winter.

As much as I cannot stand the cold and wet, I recon I have lived here long enough now to be able to comment on the local climate without offending the local populous. So here are my top 10 good things about Cape Town winter:

1. No Wind

For the most part there is relatively little wind over the autumn and winter months (except in Vredehoek and Woodstock!) so no banging doors and my garden furniture for the most part, stays in my garden.

2. No mosquitoes 

I hate these things with a passion. If there is one in my bedroom at night I will happily stay up, running around the room at 3 in the morning with a magazine trying to kill the fecker. Much to the annoyance of my wife. But to see the little smear of (probably my) blood on the wall the next morning somehow gives me a warm feeling inside that I have taken one of them out. Hate hate HATE mosquitoes.

3. No sweating

Sure, my lifestyle is not one of abstinence and fitness but conversely I am not the most unhealthy person in the world. During summer I just seem to spend my days predominantly sweating. Cold showers, aircon, ice cream, cold beers – none of them stop me sweating like a Guantánamo inmate ready for his first interview.

4. Proper Duvets

I have recently moved to the Northern Suburbs where its a bit colder than the city and this means that for the first time in a decade I have bought a proper thick 13.5 tog goose down duvet for my bed. My bed is now once again my favorite place. Heaven!

5. Restaurant specials

It seems that every restauranter wants you in their establishment over winter and so come up with some brilliant winter specials. Anndiamos and The Hussar Grill spring immediately to mind. What better way to while away the dark evenings and nights in some cosy venue eating good food and some of the Capes brilliant wine which leads me nicely onto…

6. Red Wine

Normally I am a white wine only man, there is nothing I enjoy more than a chilled glass (or 5) of divine Chardonnay. This year (see 4 above) I am embracing red wine. I am much loving the D’Aira Cab Sav at the moment. It just seems to fit the weather and mood. Try it!

7. Lie-ins in the morning

Fortunately for me I do not have a job where I need to be in the office lickitysplit on time so during the dark winter mornings I prefer that extra half hour in bed under my wonderful duvet and wait for it to start to get light before I have to face the day ahead.

8. My Jet Master Fireplace

I spend so much of the summer stood around the braai cooking for friends that its such a treat to bring the fire indoors and not have to cook on it! Also I am now the proud owner of a wood pile, its funny the things you go through life not missing until you have one!

9. Everythings gone green 

As mentioned my wife and I have recently taken the plunge into the Northern Suburbs and bought a house with a garden. During the summer it was all I could do to stop everything going yellow and dying no matter what I did to the bloody garden. Suddenly now its all looking after itself and actually growing and green. We even managed to grow a lettuce (and eat the half the snails left) which a. didn’t kill us and b. tasted really nice for a lettuce!

10. Summer is on its way

Dont misunderstand me. This article is merely an attempt at trying not to find so much displeasure of the winter in CT. Lets face it, we are all here because of the wonderful, long, warm languid summer we are privileged to enjoy. Sundowners on Clifton #4 after work, chilled Chardonnay, sexy nightlife…. I could go on. I love not only the anticipation of summer but the fantastic phenomenon of everyone in CT buzzing at the anticipation of summer. Some days you leave the house and I swear you can feel the vibration of summer around the corner.

Love Cape Town





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