Posted by: neilhopwood | July 5, 2010

Why Mzolies is no good anymore

What were some of the things you liked about Mzolies? The food obviously but how about taking your own booze in from the shabine over the road? The cars parked up with their music pumping to provide that fantastic atmosphere? Or some of the other things you may have not thought about like never really having to queue or sharing a table with some okes for fun.

I was always a bit dubious when they started taking bookings rather than the old system of just turning up but I have to concede to progress I guess.

Well all that has gone now.

Yesterday we had booked a table for 15 people to take some American friends to help celebrate the 4th of July with them.

Our table, which we had confirmed with them only an hour before by telephone, had been taken and the chap who deals with the bookings was not only disinterested but actually rude when we suggested that we share a table.

On arrival at 1pm there was a queue of around 100 people coming out the door of the butchers. I did stand in the queue briefly but when I heard that some people had already been stood there for 40 minutes I decided too much.

They have fenced the whole area off now, and where the cars used to park in the street is a tent with more tables so no vibe from the “street DJs”

There are signs everywhere “No alcohol from outside” so now you have to queue at their version of a bar and pay the inflated prices. Some people who I spoke to had been waiting 2 hours for their food and this was at 1pm. So god knows how long our food would have been after standing in that queue for nearly an hour.

The car guard demanded R20 even before I had got out of the car too.

Needless to say we left with our friends and decided to make our own braai at home. We were thoroughly disappointed and I personally felt a bit embarrassed after building the event up to our guests.

Is this progress I ask? I for one will not be going back there unless I heard its changed back, I can only hope this is Mzoli trying to make a bigger buck out of the World Cup and not a permanent feature.

What will they change next? Plates possibly, perhaps insisting that you wear a jacket?



  1. This is terrible news, as you said lets hope it is just a temp thing during the WC! Still a massive shame as visitors would not have experienced the real Mzolies, in mean plates, really?

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