Posted by: neilhopwood | June 1, 2010

World Cup fever building Casa HopBrook but will Enlgand play in the home semi?

Not content with all the various static World Cup charts out there and my own building frustration shown by the scraps of paper all around my desk. (Team A vs team B, or game 33 vs winner 4(8) – yes thats you FIFA). I decided to write my own little Excel spreadsheet so I can look at the various permutation and see if my semi-final ticket might be the right one to see England win at Cape Town stadium.

This is instead of seeing England in the semi  in Durban which would be a problem ‘cause I haven’t got that ticket*.

Not being a VB wizard I just created it plain and simple so no criticism for lack of creativity please and besides – I am in the office so cannot spend hours on it! But if you can improve it, and I am sure many of you can – no virus please – then feel free to do so and send it back to me here.

*Obviously England are going to be in the semi, I know this because my spreadsheet told me so!

  • Note: Being new to WordPress I see now that I cannot upload an Excel spreadsheet so if you want a copy drip me a line here and I will mail it to you.

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