Posted by: neilhopwood | May 31, 2010

LOL bored people in small offices

Having read a very informative article on male and female vivisection by @dorothyblack this morning (incidentaly labeled Not Suitable for Work!) and subsequently shared it will my colleagues it started a lively discussion on these practices, this quickly fell into an overly loud chat comparing peoples experiences of having “The Snip”

I am quite attached to my testicles and such talk of “cutting open” and needles – well I don’t need to go on – so I shut my ears and left them to their own devices.

One the chaps I work with is a loud crass ‘Merican who obviously had the worst story to tell. Such was the horror of his story that a manager had to be called in to shut him up and remind him that there are women in the office.

  • Does this count as sexual harassment, because the manager seemed to think so?
  • Are women so offended about discussions of an operation of a male nature?

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